Frog matcha heart thumbprint cookies with strawberry ganache on a rectangular wire rack

Matcha Frog Thumbprint Cookies with Strawberry Ganache

These frog matcha thumbprint cookies are buttery, not too sweet, and full of matcha + strawberry flavors! The cookie dough is quick and simple to make, requiring no chilling. And with the ganache being made right in the microwave, this recipe is easy to recreate at home for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day! <3

Chunky White Chocolate Matcha Cookies (Small Batch Recipe)

Estimated cost: $7.28 per 5 cookies, $1.46 per cookie After making my chunky ube cookies, I was still… craving more cookies. Since I am a die hard fan of chunky cookies, I wanted to adapt that recipe to create new flavors. If you omit the ube, ube extract, and the mix-ins, you are left with a great base recipe to …