Bear-Shaped Chocolate Mochiko Muffins (Gluten-Free)

These mochiko muffins are made with regular cocoa powder and black cocoa powder to get the darker color. But if you don’t have black cocoa powder on hand, feel free to use regular cocoa powder! They also have chocolate chips folded into the batter, giving them the perfect amount of chocolate flavor. In terms of texture, these muffins are a bit chewy/springy and not cakey (due to the mochiko flour) when comparing them to regular muffins/cupcakes.

Homemade Ube Marshmallows (No corn syrup!)

Estimated cost: $3.74 These marshmallows are extremely fluffy, pillowy, and have a hint of ube flavor without any corn syrup added. There are only a handful of ingredients: gelatin, water, sugar, ube extract, powdered sugar, and purple food coloring, the last one being optional! I didn’t add any extra purple food coloring since ube extract typically has red + blue …